The Amazing Power Of A Photograph

They say "an image is worth a thousand words" and "beauty is within the eye of the beholder", and I 
must say that I whole-heartedly agree on both counts. With a straightforward photograph, a professional photographer 
has the ability to capture an image that demonstrates a snapshot with time that once removed, can't ever be 
reclaimed...but can continually be revisited. 

For me, family photographs are among the most precious possessions one can have. By 
pulling out a photo record or thumbing through stacks of old snapshots, we can experience life's 
most enjoyable occasions over and over again. By looking at a simple picture we can become familiar with a 
cherished one who offered before our time and reacall those who are a long way away in either mls or 
circumstances. Family pictures will be the drops of glue that hold our most valuable memories safely 
within our brains, and they provide an periodic, yet very important reminder of folks and 
things that are the most important to us. 

Pictures are also very important on the broader scale. Armed with nothing but a camera, a 
photojournalist can basically change the span of history with a single image captured during 
a period of strife or disaster. For instance, who could ever before forget the haunting images used during 
the Viet Nam War, several which turned open public opinion from the issue and hastened its 
ending? Or perhaps the photographs of the devastation left out after the Dec 2004 

The proliferation of inexpensive digital camera models has revolutionized the field of picture taking, 
making it easy for the average person to use great pictures - and a great deal of these. We are now 
surviving in the most "noted" amount of time in human history, and as a result the world will never be 
the same again - and that's a good thing. 

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